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More sustainable packaging – neoFroxx recycles!20210723130326
More bike for the money: JobRad at neoFroxx20210721110308
Mucormycosis diagnostics20210702141443
Agar for microbiology20210701094440
Sodium chloride pure EP, USP (pharma grade) 5 kg20210601000154
CE-certified swabs for clinical diagnostics20210512094616
New Pricelist20210503061910
neoFroxx new price list - valid from 03.05.2021

New Pricelist

India in lockdown20210430133906
IPTG for biochemistry 5g20210429172617
Filter tips at neoFroxx20210423093652
Serum Replacement by hPL20210413140852
Albumin Fraction V (pH 7.0) for molecular biology 100 g20210331121023
Freddie coloring pictures20210331113335
Interview in the Laborjournal20210325103625
FREEZin1™ Freezing Medium20210322143443
BIRAC Innovator Award for HiMedia20210319135716
Sodium hydroxide pellets for analysis 5 kg20210302135303
Serological detection of Covid-19 IgG antibodies20210213204835
New neoFroxx Design20210209212406
Agar Art: The neoFroxx logo lives!20201117171630
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