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neoFroxx is your supplier for chemicals of all kinds. No matter if you are working in biological, chemical or pharmaceutical research, if you come from the manufacturing industry or if you are working in the field of analytics/diagnostics – we have the right product for you! Feel free to visit our online store or take a look at our company flyer to get an idea of our comprehensive product range.

Thanks to the competence and many years of experience of the entire neoFroxx team, our cooperation with excellent partners and a worldwide distributor network, we have been able to successfully establish our brands among dealers and end users within just a few years. In doing so, we benefit not only from our first-class quality management (in accordance with ISO 9001:2015).

A very crucial factor for our joint success is our high degree of flexibility, which enables us to respond individually to customer requirements.

neoFroxx specializes in the distribution and production of laboratory and biochemicals. We mainly supply universities specializing in biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology and cell biology (the so-called life sciences), as well as customers in the field of organic, inorganic and pharmaceutical chemistry. Our customers also include manufacturers of diagnostic and cell culture products, industrial users, testing laboratories (e.g. water and food analysis), quality control and many more.

In addition to chemicals from our own production, we have exclusive access to the product portfolio of one of the world’s largest producers of microbiological media, HiMedia Laboratories, for Germany. We receive reinforcement for the research, diagnostics and production areas around cell culture from Biological Industries. Our range of chemicals is rounded off by fine and specialty chemicals from PENTA.

Since 2015 our company headquarters are located in the small town of Einhausen, conveniently situated on the A67 and A5 freeways and in close proximity to the metropolitan regions and university cities of Frankfurt (Main), Darmstadt, Mainz, Mannheim and Heidelberg. Here – with a view of the beautiful Bergstrasse – our own brand neoFroxx is also produced.

Would you like to learn more about neoFroxx? Would you like to meet us in person? Then make an appointment with us today!

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Our Brands

Find out about our product brands now. Below you will find many interesting facts about our own brand and the individual companies.

Biochemicals for every need! The products in our Life Science category are produced, portioned, filled, labeled, packaged and shipped to their new destination at our company site in Einhausen. This gives us the opportunity to respond to individual customer requirements and to react quickly. Meanwhile, the biochemicals category includes 600+ products for a wide range of applications in life sciences, quality control or biopharmaceutical production.

Everything revolves around chemistry. At least here in Einhausen. The raw materials for our own brand of laboratory chemicals are stored safely and professionally on our company premises. This is the basis for a top range of 750+ chemicals for research and production purposes. If this number is still too small for you, or if you have special product specification requirements, please let us know! We react!

Outstanding cell culture! Cell culture is the key – at least in the field of biological and medical research. To ensure that we are ideally positioned in this very sensitive research area, we have brought on board an absolute expert in this field. The brand Biological Industries stands for long-time experience and expertise in the development of specialized media for the cultivation of human and animal cells, for innovative solutions and products of outstanding quality.

Not micro at all! The product range of the HiMedia Laboratories brand can almost overwhelm you at first sight but that is also its appeal. There is simply no better, more flexible and broader-based manufacturer in the field of microbiology. Egal, welches Nährmedium oder welchen Nähragar Du benötigst, Du wirst ihn bei HiMedia finden. Und zwar genau in der gewünschten Zusammensetzung und in der passenden Qualität.
Chemicals for any purpose! With the help of expertise and suitable production facilities, PENTA can handle even unusual orders. The motto of PENTA Chemicals is: “There are no boundaries for us in the world of chemistry”. So far, we cannot contradict them. With its state-of-the-art production facilities and know-how, PENTA is a key partner in providing first-class chemicals for chemical laboratories and industrial applications.

What Customers say

Seit Jahren kaufen wir Chemikalien und Biochemikalien bei neoFroxx. Ohne eine einzige Reklamation unsererseits. Auch größere und logistisch anspruchsvolle Einkäufe klappen sehr gut. Top-Service.
Seafront Biotech GmbH
Bin froh, dass es die Firma neoFroxx gibt. Sie sind zuverlässig, preiswert und schnell. Die Qualität der Produkte ist hochwertig.
Uni Münster
Institut für medizinische Mikrobiologie
neoFroxx ist für uns ein zuverlässiger Partner. Die Produktqualität ist sehr gut und die Lieferzeiten sind sehr schnell. Das Team ist immer sehr freundlich und kompetent.
UPL Diagnostic
Very quick response. Good quality and variety of assortment. When for some products noncompetitive price noticed company managers are ready to offer products from various supplier to meet the price. Sharp reply.