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For your cell culture and tissue culture needs, Biological Industries offers products of the highest quality and consistency, whether it is a basic formulation or a specialty product. Cell culture media, buffered saline solutions, reagents, chemicals, amino acids, vitamins, sera, antibiotics and other supplements are all subject to high quality standards and have been optimized by BI for use in cell culture.

Biological Industries has been successfully manufacturing cell culture media for a variety of cells and cell lines for over 30 years. Each batch is manufactured under strictly controlled conditions according to a Product Master Record. This allows us to ensure maximum consistency from batch to batch. In line with your needs, the classical cell culture media are offered both ready-to-use (liquid media), in powder form and as concentrated liquid formulations. In addition, there is the possibility of individual, customer-specific productions as well as various packaging options.

Particularly noteworthy among Biological Industries’ classic cell culture products is the extensively tested calf serum. Through its extensive testing (physico-chemical, microbiological, performance), very strict quality control and validation and limiting selection to BSE and FMD-free countries of origin, BI has been able to grow into one of the world’s largest serum manufacturers.
Because of these high standards, BI can even offer USDA-certified fetal bovine serum.

Product recommendation

Cell Proliferation Kit (XTT based)

To determine the vitality and growth of your cell line

A brief summary of the advantages:

  • Ease of use: The entire assay is performed in the microtiter plate; no additional reagents and/or cell washing procedures are required.
  • One-step and rapid process: results within 2-5 hours.
  • High sensitivity: cell viability and proliferation can be assayed even at low cell concentrations.
  • Accurate: Dye absorption is proportional to the number of metabolically active cells.
  • Safe: No radioactive isotopes are required.
  • Practical: No equipment is required other than a spectrophotometer (ELISA reader).

The assay principle is based on the activity of mitochondrial enzymes which are no longer active in dead cells. Only metabolically active cells convert the substance XTT to an orange-yellow dye. The absorbance of this dye is determined photometrically and is proportional to the number of living cells. The entire cell viability assay can be performed directly in a microtiter plate.
Typical applications include cytokine activity assays and toxicity assays (with potential cell toxins, growth inhibitors, nutrient components, chemicals, etc.).
The Cell Proliferation Kit is an excellent solution for accurate quantification of cell proliferation and viability, without the use of radioactive isotopes.

Cell Proliferation Kit (XTT based), 1000 Teststo perform cytotoxicity assaysshop


Cell Proliferation Kit (XTT based), 1000 Teststo perform cytotoxicity assaysshop
RPMI Medium 1640, w/o D(+)-Glucose, w/o L-GlutamineThe classicshop
Certified Foetal Bovine Serum (FBS)USDA approvedshop
Trypsin EDTA (0.5%), EDTA 0.2%Cell Detachment Solution, 10X concentratedshop