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Do you need products for nucleic acid extraction, cloning, agarose gel electrophoresis, molecular diagnostics (PCR), protein isolation, protein quantification, SDS-PAGE, Western blotting, crystallography or similar? You will find it here!

HiMedia offers a wide range of DNA and RNA extraction kits for the effective and efficient isolation of nucleic acids from various sources or samples. Thereby, in addition to the classic manual (column-based) extraction kits, there are also special kits for use in combination with the Insta NX™ automated nucleic acid purification system.
A selection of the most interesting products:

Manual Extraction: Nucleic Acid Purification by Spin Column Technique (Minipreps)

  • MB512, HiPurA™ PCR Product Purification Kit
  • MB539, HiPurA™ Quick Gel Purification Kit
  • MB508, HiPurA™ Plasmid DNA Miniprep Purification Kit
  • MB505, HiPurA™ Bacterial Genomic DNA Purification Kit
  • MB602, HiPurA™ Total RNA Miniprep Purification Kit
  • MB615, HiPurA™ Viral RNA Purification Kit

Automated Nucleic Acid Purification

Nucleic acid extraction kits for Insta NX®-12 well (LA1056), silica-based

  • MBIN001, Insta NX™ Blood Genomic DNA Purification Kit
  • MBIN002, Insta NX™ Food Pathogen DNA Purification Kit (Salmonella)(Provided with Culture Media)
  • MBIN003, Insta NX™ Tissue Genomic DNA Purification Kit
  • MBIN006, Insta NX™ Bacterial Genomic DNA Purification Kit
  • MBIN011, Insta NX™ Cell Genomic DNA Purification Kit

Nucleic acid extraction plates for magnetic beads based automatic extraction machines

for Insta NX® Mag32 (LA1096)

for Insta NX® Mag96 (LA1097)

  • MB615MPF96-200, Prefilled plates for extraction of virus RNA
  • MB615MPF9611, Super 11 Prefilled Plates for rapid viral RNA Extraction
    The ready-to-use Super 11 plates allow viral RNA extraction of 96 samples in only 11 minutes – thanks to an extremely improved lysis buffer that requires no carrier RNA. The Super 11 plates have been validated using positive Covid-19 samples and are therefore perfectly suited for use in Covid-19 diagnostics.

for KingFisher (Thermo Fisher) Machines

  • MB615MPF-T1, Prefilled Medium Plates-T for viral RNA Extraction

HiMedia provides you with a wide range of Probe-based and SYBr-based PCR kits for rapid specific detection of various pathogens. The samples to be examined can come from very different sources. Typical applications are food diagnostics (kits for the determination of pathogens such as Salmonella or Listeria, but also kits for the identification of meat adulteration), clinical diagnostics, veterinary diagnostics, drinking water testing and biopharmaceutical areas.

An overview of the real-time PCR kits can be found in the Insta Q-Series brochure and of course in our webshop.


Pre-filled 96-Well Plates for viral RNA ExtractionFor KingFisher devicesshop
Pre-filled 96-Well Plates for viral RNA ExtractionFor Insta NX Mag96 Automated Nucleic Acid Extractorshop
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