Classical Cell Culture

Biological Industries offers cell culture products of the highest quality.
The product portfolio ranges from classical media to serum, salt solutions, antibiotics, cell dissociation products, and countless other culture reagents and additives.
The different cell culture media are available as powder, liquid and concentrated liquid media.
Due to strict quality specifications and compliance with all cGMP conditions, BI’s cell culture products are suitable for clinical trials.

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Molecular Biology

For maximum sample yield with simple protocols and minimal preparation time:
BI offers select reagents and molecular biology kits for nucleic acid isolation and purification, cDNA amplification and protein detection.

Mycoplasma Control

A mycoplasma outbreak in cell culture is, of course, not pretty – but the real problem is undetected mycoplasma contamination in cell culture-based areas of biological, pharmaceutical and medical research.
The data collected by using contaminated cells are not reliable or reproducible due to the fact that mycoplasmas have been shown to permanently alter almost any cellular property. Therefore, depending on the severity, a mycoplasma infection can be associated with significant costs (labor time, materials, reputation). This is an unnecessary scenario as routine PCR-based detection of mycoplasma is fast and reliable. By using PCR-based Mycoplasma Detection Kits, Mycoplasma-testing can be easily integrated into daily laboratory routine without much effort. So our recommendation: act rather than react!

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Serum-free Cell Culture

During the last few years Biological Industries has put in a lot of effort to advance the development of serum-free media. Thanks to its extensive experience in media production, BI has succeeded in bringing serum-free media for various cell types and cell lines to the market.

The advantages: less batch-variations and therefore more consistent results, reduced risk of contamination, xeno-free conditions and a contribution to animal welfare and environmental protection.


In human genetics, time and reliability of results are the most important factors. To ensure that these points can be implemented in the best possible way, the highest quality standards for cytogenetics products are absolutely essential.

BI offers optimized culture media for virtually every relevant cell type (from amniotic fluid, bone marrow or peripheral blood) and complementary reagents of the highest quality to ensure a hassle-free and rapid karyotyping process.

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