Biological Industries & Serum-free Cell Culture

Based on high quality cell culture media, Biological Industries goal is to reduce the use of serum in cell culture and to offer working alternatives. In this process, BI has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of serum-free media. In addition, BI offers animal component-free reagents, such as recombinant trypsin.

There are many advantages to switching to serum-free media: In the case of human cells – which may also be intended for clinical trials or therapeutic purposes – the elimination of undefined, non-human components is generally desirable. In addition to the scientifically and economically relevant advantages in regards to the batch consistency, the reduced risk of contamination by mycoplasma, viruses, etc., the price stability as well as the simplified product purification and improved downstream processing, the elimination of serum also focuses on animal welfare and environmental protection.

A reduction in serum consumption makes a considerable contribution to animal welfare and environmental protection. Criticism of the ethically questionable practice of bleeding cattle fetuses alive is becoming louder – and every cell culture user should carefully examine whether a serum-free alternative can be found in his or her case. The switch from classical cell culture to serum-free cell culture is not always easy, but always worthwhile in the long run! We are happy to support you in your efforts!

Serum-free media from BI are available for the following cell lines and cell types: Hybridoma and Myeloma cells, T cells, mononuclear cells, lymphocytes, CHO cells, Vero cells and various adherent cells such as HUVEC’s, HELA or MDCK cells.

For many cell types no adaptation procedures are necessary, in some cases standard weaning procedures (Sequential Adaptation) may be necessary. However, experience has shown that after a certain adaptation period of the cells there are no disadvantages in terms of growth or survival rate.

Product recommendations


Recombinant Trypsin EDTA solutionanimal component-freeshop
BIO-MPM-1Multi-Purpose SFM, w/o L-Glutamineshop
Low Protein MediaBSA-Freeshop
BioTarget-1w/o L-Glutamineshop