Our Services und Promises!

A great service to our customers is very important to us at neoFroxx. Following key qualities are the foundation of our service:

Top Product Quality.

through strategic sourcing of reliable partners and a diligent selection of Brands for our product portfolio.


in Production, Logistics, Sales and Documentation.


to offer tailor-made solutions for any of your requirements like specific packaging sizes, purity and sourcing new products. Feel free to make a product reservation to save your Logistic capacities.

Fast reactions

to process your requests and in delivery time .

Promoting Sustainability

as best we can. We are aware that the resources of this world are limited. That's why we always try to find ways to conserve resources and protect the environment in everything we do.

Close customer relationships

by considering any of your wishes and needs individually and finding a tailor-made solution.

Continuous Quality control and improvement

to meet all of your and our own demands. Each product goes through strict quality control (according to our ISO 9001:2015 corresponding management system) to ensure the high quality of our products and consistent performance.

Extraordinary Marketing

that adds fun and entertainment to everydays work.

Never stand still

As a young enterprise we are constantly evolving to adapt to the market and it's never-ending changes. Thereby we benefit from close cooperation with a continuously growing global network of partners who share our high standards of product quality and customer service.