High-purity solvents for HPLC, LC-MS and residue analysis – made by PromochemⓇ, Germany20230703084214
ZEOtope® – deuterated solvents for NMR spectroscopy20230505084554
Lights on! Luciferin for reporter gene assays and bioluminescent imaging techniques.20230220133420
Purest sea sand in analysis quality20220322115644
Giemsa stain for biochemistry20220301060045
32 % hydrochloric acid p.A.20220131140138
EDTA for molecular biology20220101000120
Acetic acid 100 % p.A. 1L20211130162805
XXprep Kits – Nucleic acids of highest purity20211112150622
HEPES for cell biology 1kg20211028100249