Product of the month: February

Most people read „HCl“ and immediately think of hydrochloric acid. This is only partially correct. Hydrochloric acid is in fact the aqueous solution of gaseous hydrogen chloride, which is actually HCl aq. Hydrochloric acid is a strong mineral acid and of enormous importance for us humans. On one hand, because it is the most important component of our gastric juice, and on the other hand, because it is so universally applicable. No matter whether in quality control, drug testing, analytics, synthesis or chemical production, without hydrochloric acid simply nothing works in the laboratories. This month we are offering concentrated hydrochloric acid in analysis quality for a wide range of applications such as:

• for adjusting the pH value

• for chemical analysis (precipitation of poorly soluble metal chlorides in cation separation; acidbase titration)

• for the preparation of various hydrochlorides

• for acid-base reactions

32 % hydrochloric acid p.A.12.40 /20x 2.5 L
Graduated price10x 2.5 L for 14.90 €
Article No.LC-6721.2
Discountup to 56%
List Price29.00
32 % hydrochloric acid p.A.98.50 /4x 25 L
Graduated price1x 25 L für 111.30 €
Article No.LC-6721.3
Discountup to 56%
List Price185.60 €