HiMedia & Density Gradient Media

The first step in the analysis of lymphocytes and granulocytes present in blood is to separate them properly from other cells and blood components. For this purpose, HiMedia offers density gradient media (separation media) for easy isolation of blood cells from defibrinated EDTA- or heparin-treated blood using density gradient centrifugation.

The lymphocyte separation medium HiSep™ LSM 1077 is an iso-osmotic, low-viscosity separation medium (density 1.0770± 0.0010 g/ml) made of polysaccharose and diatrizoic acid dihydrate.
It is based on the adapted method for isolation of lymphocytes by centrifugation techniques according to Bøyum: diluted, defibrinated blood is overlaid on a solution of sodium diatrizoate and polysaccharose and centrifuged at low speed for 30 minutes. The method is applicable for the study of cell-mediated lympholysis and human lymphocyte antigen (HLA) typing. It can also be used as an initial step prior to enumeration of T, B and “null” lymphocytes. HiSep™ LSM 1077 is IVD (in vitro diagnostic) certified.

For the isolation of granulocytes from human blood, the separation medium GranuloSep™ GSM 1119 (density 1.119 ± 0.0010 g/ml) is the medium of choice. In combination with HiSep™ LSM 1077 it also allows the separation of mononuclear cells.

HiSep Density Gradient Medium
HiSep Density Gradient Medium