HiMedia & Laboratory Equipment

HiMedia manufactures and supplies high quality instruments and equipment for various applications in molecular biology, cell biology and microbiology. All these instruments are state-of-art and provide innovative solutions that make daily laboratory work easier, faster and more reproducible.

Column-based nucleic acid extraction (up to 12 samples per run)

The Insta NX™ -12 well (LA1056) is a fully automated, column-based nucleic acid purification system. Using an innovative Super-S membrane column method, it reliably delivers nucleic acids in high yield and of high purity, free of contamination; ideal for further downstream analysis such as standard amplification methods. Centrifugation steps or the connection of a vacuum pump are not required due to the special design of the filter unit (combination of column, filter adapter and column tip).

The automated steps performed by the Insta NX™ automated machine include:
1. Lysis of the sample in the presence of a specially formulated lysis buffer on the heating block
2. Binding of the nucleic acids to the Super-S membrane in the column
3. Washing of the bound nucleic acids to remove other cellular components
4. Elution of the DNA/RNA into the elution tubes
The entire extraction process is absolutely contamination-free thanks to prefilled reagents, disposable columns and integrated UV sterilization.

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • User-friendly (contamination-free, easy to use, easy to maintain)
  • Wide range of applications (extraction of DNA, RNA and viral DNA/RNA from different sample types)
  • Ready-to-use with pre-filled reagent cartridges
  • Integrated UV light for sterilization of the internal parts of the machine
  • USB interface for scan protocol

The Insta NX™ is intended for use in combination with HiMedia’s Insta NX™ Purification Kits.

Magnetic beads-based nucleic acid extraction (up to 96 samples per run)

With the Insta NX® Mag32 (LA1096) and Insta NX® Mag96 (LA1097) automatic extraction machines, HiMedia has created another highlight for the fully automated purification of nucleic acids.
In these systems, nucleic acids are purified with the help of magnetic microspheres that can selectively and reversibly bind DNA or RNA via their functionalized surface. The nucleic acids are immobilized by a strong magnet for the washing steps and then transferred – free of impurities – to a clean reaction vessel.

By using pre-filled deep-well microtiter plates (e.g. for the extraction of viral RNA), manual steps – and thus the risk of contamination and pipetting errors – can be reduced to a minimum. The user only has to 1. add his samples, 2. place the plates correctly in the machine and 3. provide the magnetic rods integrated in the machine with a disposable protective cover (“magnetic rod tip”). Then the program can be started. Automated RNA extraction with ready-to-use 96-well plates is currently an important tool in Covid-19 diagnostics.

The simplicity of operation allows even inexperienced personnel to perform nucleic acid extraction reliably, reproducibly and with high yields. The ultra-pure DNA or RNA that is obtained can be used directly in downstream processes.

The Insta NX® Mag32 and Insta NX® Mag96 automated extraction systems use open-source software, the software (temperature control, selection of reagents and kits to be used, various binding and absorption modes…) can be freely edited and thus perfectly adapted to the requirements of the users.

Insta NX® Mag32 (LA1096)

The Insta NX® Mag32 can process up to 32 samples per run with an initial sample volume of up to 600μl.

  • Large 7″ touchscreen for easy handling
  • Fast extraction programs, 15-40 min / cycle
  • Built-in UV light for sterilization of the inner part of the machine
  • Compact and closed design

Insta NX® Mag96 (LA1097)

The Insta NX® Mag96 is an instrument for high-throughput extraction of nucleic acids. It allows parallel processing of up to 96 samples in 30 – 60 minutes.

  • Simple and intuitive in handling
  • LED lights for real-time monitoring of instrument operating status
  • Easy access to the working platform (reagents)
  • Intelligent operation with self-inspection, power-protect function
  • Automatic plate/position detection No manual adjustment required
  • Drip-proof plate design with drying mode controlled by software
  • Built-in UV light for sterilization of the inner part of the machine

For a nucleic acid-free work area, we recommend the decontamination spray denaX colorless.

Insta Q96 Series of Real-Time PCR Cyclers

In addition to a whole range of classic PCR cyclers, HiMedia has launched the Insta Q96® Plus (LA1073, 5 color channels) and Insta Q96® – 6.0 (LA1074, 6 color channels), two absolute high-end real-time PCR instruments with a unique range of functions. Both instruments are state-of-the-art and optimize the combination of quantitative PCR amplification, detection and data analysis.

With all their technical precision, the Insta Q96® instruments are robust, easy to use and designed according to the open-source principle. This allows the user to choose the reagents and kits to be used – independently of the instrument. The software is equipped to export raw data to various formats such as Excel, images or Word.

Another feature of the Insta-Q series is the movable qPCR optics used. To obtain accurate results, the robotic arm scans the bottom of each individual well, avoiding the use of passive reference dye (ROX). For more details on the design and the various functions, please refer to the Insta Q-Series brochure.

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Open-source system; compatible with kits and reagents from other manufacturers
  • ROX-independent real-time PCR system; normalization with ROX dye not required
  • Customizable dye library to create new excitation/detection wavelength combinations
  • User-friendly software to facilitate easy assay setup and data interpretation
  • Automatic gain control (AGC) for fluorescence matching
  • 12 different gradient temperatures (gradient range from 1°C to 36°C)
  • LED-based excitation source
  • Factory calibrated filters, no need for calibration after adding a new dye
470 nm – 525 nmFAM, SYBR
523 nm – 564 nmHEX, JOE, TET, VIC
571 nm – 612 nmROX, TexRot
628 nm – 692 nmCY5, Quasar 750
678 nm – 718 nmCY5.5

The following analysis methods (among others) are supported by the Insta Q-Series software:

  • Absolute quantification
  • Relative quantification
  • Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP)
  • High Resolution Melt (HRM)

Suitable real-time PCR kits for water and food analysis, clinical and veterinary diagnostics, GMO detection, as well as various biopharma / research applications can be found in the Insta Q-Series brochure and of course in our webshop.

For a nucleic acid-free PCR workstation, we recommend the decontamination spray denaX colorless.

Perfect Environmental Conditions for a Successful Propagation

In addition to microbiological media, HiMedia’s Anaero-Box system creates the perfect environmental conditions for the successful propagation of obligate anaerobic bacteria such as Bacteroides, Prevotella, Fusobacterium, Porphyromonas, Clostridia and Peptococci.

The Anaero-Box (LA805, LA806) is optimized for storage (clinical samples!) and cultivation of anaerobic microorganisms.
The rectangular, stackable and space-saving box is made of a shatterproof, durable and transparent polycarbonate material and works without adding water or using a catalyst. The anaerobic atmosphere is created using Anaerogas Packs (LE002F, LE002A). This is a paper bag filled with an oxygen absorbing and carbon dioxide forming agent (disposable product). The Anaerogas Packs do not generate gas pressure, making them perfect for use in anaerobic (closed) systems.

For monitoring the anaerobic atmosphere, we recommend visual control with Anaero indicator tablets (LE065). The pink tablets turn reversibly to violet-blue when they come into contact with oxygen.
The combination of Anaero Box, Anaerogas Pack and Anaero Indicator is ideal for a variety of microbiological applications in research, veterinary and clinical diagnostics.

LA805, Anaero Box – L

  • Transparent, shatterproof polycarbonate box
  • Dimensions: 28.5 cm x 22 cm x 11 cm
  • Capacity: 7 liters (up to 48 Petri dishes)

LA806, Anaero Box – S

  • Transparent, shatterproof polycarbonate box
  • Dimensions: 19,8 cm x 13,7 cm x 9 cm
  • Capacity: 2.5 liters (up to 14 Petri dishes)


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Insta Q96® Plus Real Time PCR Machine5 channels, ROX independent, open-source softwareshop
Insta NX® Mag32 Automated Nucleic Acid ExtractorFor up to 32 samples per runshop
Anaero BoxLFor transport and cultivation of anaerobic bacteriashop