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Service for Science

At neoFroxx, we produce cell culture and microbiology products, as well as molecular biology reagents of highest quality. Our main products include Cell Culture Media, Microbiology Media, Enzyme Substrates, Buffers, Electrophoresis Reagents, Nucleic Acid Purification Systems, Molecular Biology Reagents and Custom Services.

Bottling / Aliquoting
Precise bottling aliquoting of our products is performed by skilled professionals in sterile conditions if necessary with the state-of-the-art equipment.

Durable first-class materials are used for neoFroxx product labels. Each label is applied with a lot of care and high precision.

Products are packaged into different vial sizes according to the customers needs and convenience. Only high quality screw-cap bottles and tubes are used. Light sensitive reagents are packaged into amber vials to avoid damage.

Quality control
Every product goes through strict quality control procedures according to our ISO9001:2008-complied management systmes in order to guarantee superior and consistent performance of our products.

neoFroxx has a growing worldwide network of dedicated distributors. Our distributors share our high standards in service and technical support.

If possible, all neoFroxx products are shipped at the ambient temperature Ð a very environmentfriendly approach when compared to shipping on dry ice. Product orders are sent out within three to five business days, using the courier service most suitable for the client.