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Shipping and Charges

If possible all neoFroxx products are shipped at room temperature. This is an environmentally sound way to ship especially compared to shipping with dry ice. Orders will be sent out within 3-5 business days.

Our prices include all packaging material costs needed to appropriately ship the product. On the other hand our prices do not include all of the shipping costs as well as the cargo insurance except something else was agreed upon.
Costs for shipping abroad are reported and agreed to seperately. Freight costs are as follows: Order value up to 150.00 €: 10.00 €, above 150.00 €: 0 €. Dry-ice charge: 21.00 €. Wet-ice charge: 10 €. Charge for dangerous goods: Order value up to 150.00 €: 15 €, above 150 €: 0 €